Phat Office Fun

Phat Office Fun is a VR game prototype aimed for corporate employees working remotely. Potential solution to,
– lack of human interaction, socializing in remote work.
– in case of limitations on physical office space, virtual office space for recreation and interactive / immersive communication.

Tools Used:     

Adobe Illustrator | Unity XR | C# | Github | Trello


Product Manager  | Game Designer | Game UI Developer 

Level Designer | Logo Designer | UX & UI Designer 

PowerFix Inc.

PowerFix Inc. is a 3D social co-op game that we developed to address and create awareness for the issue of Energy Consumption. You get to play as a cute alien electrician called Bodgar who works for PowerFix Inc. – a corporation that provides energy related fixing services to the residents of Groningen city, Netherlands. Bodgars go to houses to make them as energy efficient and sustainable as possible by replacing energy draining electric devices with energy efficient devices with green label.
Target playerbase is young residents – the major users of energy in Groningen. It is a chaotic fun game to play with friends and family.

Tools Used:     

Adobe Illustrator | Blender | Unity 3D | Github | Trello


Product Owner | Game Designer | Logo Designer 

UX & UI Designer | 3D Artist 

Little Fluff

Little Fluff is a mini game about a baby chicken’s adventure of learning to fly (fluff!). It is a decision making platformer where the little fluff must be observent in understanding the terrain/environment, pick the powerups and routes wisely to reach the destination.

Tools Used:     

Adobe Illustrator | GameMaker Studio 2.0 | GML | Github | Blender Video Editor | Trello


Game Designer | Game Developer | Game Producer | Publisher  

Level Designer | Game Artist | UX & UI Designer 

Crazy Dutch Weather

A mixed media card game inspired by Cards Against Humanity, themed on the unpredictable dutch weather. The card game is competitive, great for players with a bit of sence of humor and creativity. The cards come in a wooden box along with a wooden score tracker and a smart phone app.

Tools Used:     

Adobe Illustrator | Unity 3D | Github | Trello


Game Designer | UX & UI Designer | Logo Co-designer | Game Artist 

Pixel Break

Pixel brick breaker game with dark souls. Just another take on the classic brick breaker game.

Tools Used:     

Pixilart | Pygame | Python | Github 


Game Artist | UX & UI Designer | UI Programmer

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