ZTAN Solutions is an independent creative studio based in Groningen, Netherlands. Home of clean-simple-minimal digital design solutions for games and game related products and brands. Specializes in user-friendly accessible Game UI/UX Design, Vector and 3D Art for micro-mid sized game projects. Services and products are available internationally.

The studio was founded in 2022 by Md Zunaed Alam Tanim in Groningen, Netherlands.

Md Zunaed A. Tanim

Managing and Creative Director

Hi, I am Tanim / Zunaed / ZTAN – the man behind ZTAN Solutions. I am a digital designer and creative project manager with 3+ years of experience working on diverse digital projects, as well as, knowledge of product business aspects from 4+ years of professional experience in finance, consumer products, and non-profit management.

Driven by a strong passion to learn, explore, create and develop digital products, experiences that tests our imaginations, I transitioned into the gaming industry as a self-taught Unity 3D game developer in 2019. Explored different 2D and 3D designs, arts, development software, programming languages, and production tools and techniques. Published 1 digital game, worked on several game projects leading diverse international teams developing digital products with high user satisfaction. By playing varied roles as a game designer, developer, logo designer, UI designer, level designer, artist, and producer, I have developed a deep understanding of digital product design, development, and production pipeline to deliver time, cost, and user-friendly products in a healthy, progressive team atmosphere.

Aside from running ZTAN Solutions, I am currently studying Creative Media and Game Technologies at Hanze University in Groningen, Netherlands to expand my knowledge and skills in game design, development, and production. 

If you would like to learn more about me, my skills, works or career, I invite you to visit my Linkedin and Artstation. If you have any questions, wish to discuss something, or simply have a chat, please feel free to get in touch!

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